Twilight Baby (chibi_shin) wrote in stereo_types,
Twilight Baby

Name you wish to be called: Anna will probably be fine.

Favorite type of music: Hmm...I wouldn't say I have a favourite type really. I listen and enjoy pretty much anything, by lately, happier, bouncy music is my kinda thing.

Several bands a minimum of 20 you enjoy: These might not all be strictly bands, but...MUCC, Yellow Monkey, KAT-TUN, Gackt, WaT, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Doping Panda, Juliet the Orange, Casecade, Hikaru Genji, Yaida Hitomi, rice, Raphael, hide, XJapan, ya-ya-yah, Sex Pistols the pillows, Futon, Yum! Yum! Orange, Sasagawa Miwa, Hikawa Kiyoshi, David Bowie, Mew, TMRevolution, Rip Slyme, Sophia, nobodyknows+, Kishidan, Aqua, Bob Dylan, Mamas and Papas...I think I hit 20 there.

Three of your favorite songs and why: gonna be difficult. Well, right now my favourite songs are...

Juliet the Orange - Eyelash: Its a really pretty song. Her voice seems somewhat innocent and...'pure' maybe? It makes the whole feel of the song more moving. Theres just something about the song that makes me want to listen to it again and again. One of those mysterious elements or maybe some kind of importance I've attatched to it along the way. Its just a very beautiful song.

Domoto Tsuyoshi - Dekai Logic: I care not if he is Johnny's owned! Tsuyoshi's music is awesome. He's a fucking amazing songwriter and has one of the best voices around today. This song is pretty representitive of his stuff - funky in a kind of nostalgic way with seriously high energy. It really makes you wanna dance~

Ellegarden - Jitterbug: This song, while maybe not the best song ever in anybody else opinion, holds a lot of happy memories for me! I'm actually proud of myself for finding it completely by accident. Its kind type music and really shrieks "I could be an anime theme song if I waaaaannnnted toooo!" Which may not sound like a good thing, but to me it just means it's catchy and fun and you really don't mind listening to it a bajillion times in a row.

Your favorite instrument and why: I can't play any instrument. I do sing, but...whether I sing well is a matter of opinion. To listen to though, sadly, I'm going with synthasizers. Songs with synth make me happy, because they remind me of being a kid again. Sigh. The nostalgia. Back in the days when every song ever on earth had blinky-synth patterns in the background. Maybe thats why I bling to j-pop so much....

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician today?: Right, I have no basis for judging talent. terms of having a very broad range of work of a very high standard, I'll go with...Gackt. I know that sounds so cliche and fangirlish, is pretty close to true. His work covers a veeery wide range of styles and is always lovingly written and slaved over by him and his band to produce incredible quality songs. I don't have many albums that I want to listen to every song on, but my Gackt albums are certainly included in that small list.

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician ever?: I honestly do not know. I want to give about a hundred names, but I wouldn't be able to give reasons for them. I'll...just...say David Bowie. The fact he was able to constantly reinvent himself and his music really does say something about him. For someone to be able to change what they do so much, yet still be able to produce fantastic songs really does take talent.

What do you plan on contributing to the community?: My love and affection...? Heh~ I can put up downloads of my small collection of songs if thou likest.

Languages spoken: English, some very basic Japanese.

Last live you attended: Gackt - Sixth Day/Seventh Night - Yokohama, June '04

Next live you plan to attend: Brenda's Bane. They're a prog band that a firend of mine is in. I don't go to lives much, but when I do, I go to *quality* lives...Lochgelly Community Centre, here we come~

Last cd bought: Ywllow Monkey - Mother Of All The Best. And its bloody fantastic.

A picture or two of yourself: *grumbles and gets to photobucket*

Urg....intenet disease~

Any additional comments?: Um....not particularly. Aside from "Please forgive my taste for the Johnny's Entertainment groups, they aren't that bad, honest guv..." Right....better get to my interview....

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