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Name you wish to be called: Robin
Favorite type of music: Celtic
Several bands a minimum of 20 you enjoy: Miyavi, G.Gorilla, Miranda Sex Garden, Little Milton, Psycho le Cemu, Baby VOX, E-Rotic, Utada Hikaru, Kayne West, Dolly Parton, Witches, Rasputina, Amuro Namie, Hyori Lee, Backstreet Boys (Yeah, I said it!), Bi, B.B. King, The Faint, Niko, Malice Mizer

Three of your favorite songs and why:
  • "Escape from Muse" by G. Gorilla ((Korean)) I haven't translated or found a translation to it, yet, so I'm slightly guilty for calling it one of my favorites. I -really- like to know what an artist is saying before I judge them, but the music is amazing. It has a Middle Eastern vibe and the three vocalists contrast each other so much. There are smooth, R&B worthy male vocals that sweetly serenade, followed by high-pitched female vocals that shock me out of my smooth-voice-induced-euphoria, and then scratchier, deeper male vocals (different guy) that are kind of what I usually expect from a rock song. Then, back to smooth R&B voice. I really need to read about this artist and hear more songs. I'll definately buy an album.
  • "Switch" Will Smith. It's okay, musically, but there's a lot to be said for lyrics. This a club, girl, why you arrive naked? It's the kind of pop music I can appreciate because it takes me back to the 80's when Hip-hop was about dancing and living in the poorer neighborhoods. I'm usually annoyed by today's rap because it degrades women, uplifts drug-use and violence, and talks about sex like it's nothing more important than eating breakfast lunch (breakfast is serious business according to kindergarden teachers, everywhere). Will Smith always pops back up (when we think he's finally completely out of style) with something that just makes me feel nostalgic. And, hey, anybody that insults club-skanks is a friend of mine.
  • "Ardera Sempre" Miranda Sex Garden. Typical fast-paced Riverdance minus the flutes. BUT there are electric guitars (or sythesizers?) and a vocalist that could -almost- rival Sarah Brightman (I know that's cliche, but Sarah's one of the rare vocalists that's famous for a -reason-) I love celtic music with modern instruments because when I was little I thought it would be absolutely impossible to make good "traditional" music with all these newfangled devices of devil music Rock -n- Roll.
    Your favorite instrument and why: ELECTRIC CELLO! I played one a few months ago and I can still feel the excitement. I could play the following sounds from that thing:
  • Acoustic Cello, Viola, and Violin (Like with a normal cello. it was still hollow and the computer thingy was in the fingerboard instead of the body)
  • ELECTRIC Cello (which sounded so fucking fake... ;_;)
  • ELECTRIC Guitar (which is a biiiiiig bonus considering I can't play a guitar to save my life)
  • ELECTRIC Violin (You know what the "violin" setting on a keyboard sounds like? Shit? Sounds like Shit? Yeah. I could play electric SHIT on that thing. Buuuuut, I'm sure it's useful... somewhere)
  • Five piano notes... (This one had buttons on it with recorded sounds. You could record your own sounds in it, too. I hope the music store doesn't mind that when they weren't looking I added "OMFG!!!" where a long D was...)
    Anyway, that's my favorite instrument because I play the violin and since I can play violin sounds on a cello, I wanted a cello, anyway. AND Electric Guitar. I could rock out like Rasputina.
    Who do you consider to be the most talented musician today?: Miyavi
    Who do you consider to be the most talented musician ever?: Whoa... that's a hard question. I honestly can't answer...
    What do you plan on contributing to the community?: I... can... give live info for underground Japanese bands that come to the states. There are many more of them coming here than mainstream ones.
    Languages spoken: English and Latin (kinda... I haven't done that in a while)
    Last live you attended: Gito Gito Hustler & The Spunks in New Orleans, LA around mid-March
    Next live you plan to attend: Rasputina at One-Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, LA on May 19
    Last cd bought: Voltaire's "Now and Again"
    A picture or two of yourself:

    I'm the girl. The boy is the token gay man, Byron.

    Megan and I on the beach. I adore her so much. If you had to ask me who my favorite irl friends were, Megan & Byron all the way!
    Any additional comments?: I'm emotional about my music. I'm glad this community was created because I really can't talk about music in my own LJ. It's just asking for stupid, "yeah that is a pretty cool song... OMG DID YOU SEE HIS NIPPLES IN THE VIDEO? OMG HE'S SO HOT!" comments. I'm sensitive about my favorite musical artists and people dismissing the music and heading straight to the image just piss me off.
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