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Name you wish to be called: Laura / Miss Cookie, whichever floats your boat. :o

Favorite type of music: It all depends on my mood. Currently, the big shots on my playlist fall into visual rock, opera, prog metal, and angura-kei.

Several bands a minimum of 20 you enjoy: Acma, Andrea Bocelli, Camino, D[di:], deadman, Delirious?, Duel Jewel, E Nomine, Gackt [the ancient stuff], Glass Doll, Guniw Tools, Imitation PoPs Uchuu Sentai NOIZ, Josh Groban, Kagrra, Kana, M-flo, MAKARONI, Michael Buble, Missalina Rei, Mucc, Noir fleurir, Plastic Tree, Secret Secret, Schwarz Stein, SCISSOR, Sonata Arctica, Syndrome, The Benjamin Gate.

Three of your favorite songs and why: [It's so hard to choose just three!]
  • Duel Jewel - "Chaste Sin"; for some reason, it always makes me cry. Haven't been able to get a very good translation of it, though.

  • Syndrome - "Albino"; The lyrics always remind me of how much I miss the town I used to live in. Not to mention that Asagi's voice melts me like butter on hotcake. XD

  • Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - "Time to Say Goodbye"; I don't think it needs much more explanation than that. :/ Simply gorgeous.
Your favorite instrument and why: I like them all! By sound, I like electric guitars and violins. As for the ones I enjoy playing... piano, guitar, and my voice. :D

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician today?: Raw talent: Kiku Tadashi of Camino; Composition: Lillie Charlotte of Glass Doll. :O

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician ever?: Full, ex-Guniw Tools. I don't care for his current project [Nookicky], but Guniw Tools was just awesome.

What do you plan on contributing to the community?: Album reviews, band bios, some crappy translations, and hopefully live reports soon! And some random fun things here and there, hah.

Languages spoken: English, learning Japanese.

Last live you attended: Duel Jewel and Camino, 2004.10.23.

Next live you plan to attend: Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A, 05.03; Hold Your Key, 05.04&05; Mucc, 05.07; feathers-blue, 05.08. [Yeah, short vacation in Tokyo!]

Last CD bought: Guniw Tools "SPARKY"

A picture or two of yourself: Non-conformity! I choose three! >D

Any additional comments?: Uhm... hey there! XD Oh, how about a plug? Visit my website! [glittersbang]
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