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--The Application--

Name you wish to be called:

Favorite type of music: Pretty much everything... from cheesy synth-pop to hardcore death metal. :x

Several bands (a minimum of 20) you enjoy: (in no particular order) Dir en grey, Duel Jewel, Camino, Silver Ash, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mayday (Wu Yue Tian), Arinco Gang, The Mars Volta, deadman, MUCC, Zwei, Gackt, Guo Tie Jun, H.O.T., Janne Da Arc, w-inds., Malice Mizer, Noir Fleurir, Pierrot, The TRAX, Tiamat, X-Japan, Faye Wong, Yoon Gun, Brown Eyes, FinK.L., Coco Lee, Cocco, Wang Lee-Hom, A-Mei-- you know what, too many to name. =_=; I think I hit the 20-minimum mark.

Three of your favorite songs and why:
The TRAX - Over the Rainbow (Rock ver.) Replaced 'Scorpio' as my favorite TRAX song recently. There's not much to dislike about this song; heavy guitars and solid bass along with piano, synth, and violins, and Typhoon/Jay's voice alone is enough to give anyone chills. :s Like a huge orgasm.
Zwei - Pretty Queen Ayumu's voice is probably my favorite aspect of this song; there's really no way to describe how perfectly her inflections just jive with Megu's bass. It's one of the more upbeat Zwei songs, which is really nice.
Wang Lee-Hom - Ya Birthday You can dance to it. What else do you need? Lee-Hom's got love for da ghetto, yo :O

Your favorite instrument and why: If vocals are considered an instrument, then they're my favorite; I think, bar none, they're the only instrument able to express the most emotion and the most power in just that way. If not, then guitar because it's so diverse. :x You can be solo, or in a group; you can do gentle classical, jazz, all the way to funk and hard rock.

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician today?: Gackt, and I don't care what anyone else says about it. @__@; If you even listen to only one song of his, the sheer complexity and emotion which goes into every piece is amazing, whether you like the music (or man) or not. There's a sort of untouchable aspect to the quality of his compositions and it's absolutely insane how he is able to express all of it.

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician ever?: This is a weird one. I think I'm still going to have to go with Gackt, when all's said and done.

What do you plan on contributing to the community?: My first-born child, and whatever time I can hack out of my schooldays for whatever the modlyness wishes. :x

Languages spoken: English, ghetto Chinese, even more ghetto Spanish, extremely rudimentary amount of Japanese.

Last live you attended: Camino, in February of this year.

Next live you plan to attend: I guess I'll go see L.A.O. at the Darkroom when they come... >_>; I don't know when that is, though, so probably w-inds. is my earliest planned live.

Last cd bought: Dir en grey "Withering to death" (which omfg only just shipped today ><)

A picture or two of yourself: What the hell, Michi, my digital camera is broken. XDDD This is literally the latest picture I have of me and it's a shot Elise took of me when I wasn't ready from, like, January...
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Any additional comments?: Not really; I wish I had more strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
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