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::Stereo Types::

If you can hear, listen. If you can listen, appreciate.

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Community Info:

x. Are you sick of joining communities focused on your favorite musical artist or genre, only to discover that perhaps three posts per year are actually dedicated to music?

x. Are you sick of having your friends list suffocated by post after post of ugly icons, ____ is love banners, and stupid quizzes about your favorite artist, because you're intelligent enough to realize that's all bullshit when it actually comes to sound-quality?

x. If one more person declares that ____ is "sex with a side of pickles" complete with an obnoxious flashing heart beside said statement, will you do more than scream?

You've come to the right place. Stereo_types was created by someone like you, for people like you. Here we discuss the -music-, promote bands with actual talent, offer live reports and translations, as well as encourage all members to contribute in any way they wish.

However, to offer such a utopian community, we have to lay down a few rules.

Community Rules:

Do not post any of the following types of graphics-
x. Icons. There are only about 9,340,349,894,369^10 other commuities where you can show off your photoshop skills. It isn't such a ridiculous request to ask you post them elsewhere.
x. Banners No one here cares who you think is syphilis-love, untalented loser-love or any other form of love for that matter. See above.
x. Community promotion-related graphics. Unless you're promoting a serious music community that you're an active member of and feel would interest our members, don't post that crap here. We're not interested in being xxxhott or ___likewhoaomg. If you feel the need to promote us to other like-minded communities, please request permission to do so from a mod of said communities first.

Allowed graphics include-
x. Live photo's.
x. A few pictures of a band when posting a promotional article.
x. Official links to a band's, cd store's, or record label's website.

x. Do not post mp3's of entire albums. Mp3's are fine promotional tools, and any experienced and intelligent musician will tell you that filesharing has been one of the most helpful revolutions in music to date. However, this aid becomes detrimental when you download every song, share every song, and never buy a single cd. While major artists make the majority of their revenue on copyrights, appearances, and tours, smaller bands don't have such luxuries, and depend much more on record sales. Please be considerate of this...both here and otherwise.
x. 2-3 mp3's to gather interest are fine.
x. Mp3's of your own band are welcome!
x. Karaoke is also welcome, so long as you're up for receiving criticism.

Absolutely everything over two or three paragraphs and contains pictures above a standard thumbnail -must- be under a cut!

Please introduce yourself using the following form. It's nice to know what new members have to offer.

--Introduction Form--

Name you wish to be called:

Favorite type of music:

Several bands a minimum of 20 you enjoy:

Three of your favorite songs and why:

Your favorite instrument and why:

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician today?:

Who do you consider to be the most talented musician ever?:

What do you plan on contributing to the community?:

Languages spoken:

Last live you attended:

Next live you plan to attend:

Last cd bought:

A picture or two of yourself:

Any additional comments?:

Thank you for your interest in the community!